4.3 Conceptualisation and Operationalisation S2M and Bee-Up: Smart Mobility

1 minute read

Conceptualisation and Operationalisation with Design Thinking and Conceptual Model Sample

This sample demonstrates the design thinking with Scene2Model and the conceptual modelling with Bee-Up to first conceptualise with design thinking and then to operationalise a smart Mobility as a Service offering with a Makeblock mbot.

Prerequisites to this sample are:

  • Installation of Scene2Model and Bee-Up
  • Installation of the IoT Adapter for the Camera and the Makeblock mbot
  • Available physical environment consisting of the camera, paper figures and the Makeblock mbot with the street layout

The sample should:

  • Demonstrate the Design, Model, Make approach using Scene2Model and Bee-Up
  • Introduce also a different physical setting using a car
  • Motivate to apply this approach in other application scenarios as well as extend the current tool functionalities

The introduces sample is the “Smart Car” where a smart offering, smart user interaction and smart processes are discussed and worked out during the workshop.